Proper skin care after laser hair removal

Unwanted hairline in some areas the body, especially for the face, sometimes does not look too attractive. Today there are different ways that help to cope with a similar problem and remove the annoying hairs. One of these methods is laser epilation. In order for the effect of the procedure to last as long as possible, you must observe certain tips regarding the care. You can find out more about this miraculous method on the website/uslugi/lazernaya-epilyaciya-lumenis/.

Such actions show a great result, but sometimes some problems may appear, for the following reasons:

High sensitivity of the skin;

The specialist did not have the necessary skills or was careless during the procedure;

Epilation was carried out for the first time;

The materials used were not quite high quality;


In a situation where, after such actions in the area where the hair was removed, redness arose, you need to apply a cold compress. To do this, moisten the usual towel in ice water and carefully apply it to the damaged place. You need to continue such actions until the skin acquires a natural look. Also, a towel can be completely replaced with ice cubes that massage in a problem area. When redness after laser hair removal does not pass for more than two days, it is best to go to a specialist.

In the area where hair was removed, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing and cooling cream. The procedure must be continued for seven days, then the skin will remain elastic and soft. It is worth fearing funds with too much concentration, do not use them immediately after hair removal. It is better to choose the right cosmetic soap, which is aimed at moisturizing and protecting the skin from external factors.

The effects of sunlight can lead to the formation of age spots and irritation in those areas that were processed. If you need to go on business on a hot day, then be sure to apply sunscreen. Before you start using it, it is worth studying the label. The cream should be indicated by SPF30 or you are more. Within a few days, refuse to shave the zone on which the hair was removed (this can take about five days).