How to independently get rid of a Christmas tree without excess garbage

Preparing for the meeting of the New Year is very fun. The festive bustle is to choose a live Christmas tree or buy an artificial one, get New Year’s toys from the dusty box, make a menu and go shopping in search of gifts.

But, unfortunately, everyone is not forever and holidays tend to end. Over the past weekend, people are thinking about solving the problems that have come. And among them it includes not only how to get to work tomorrow and how long you can delay the cleaning, but also where to remove the New Year tree, and preferably quickly and without unnecessary garbage.

Those who have acquired an artificial Christmas tree have fewer problems. There is nothing difficult to remove toys, disassemble the Christmas tree and put in the box until the next New Year.

A natural Christmas tree is not worth it for a long time. She begins to crumble. Usually the New Year tree is kept to Christmas, but some reach the baptism.

Where to begin?

First you need to remove the tinsel, after which toys and only then a garland. But, before starting disassembly, it is recommended to lay out newspapers under a tree. It is better to start shooting toys from below and move up, getting to the top. Glass toys for safety must be wrapped in paper and put in pre -prepared boxes. Lastly, the garland is removed and carefully twisted so that it does not get confused.

Next, you need to remove the spread newspapers with crumbling needles, spread paper, old sheets, plastic film or something else and wrap a Christmas tree into this Christmas. Now the tree can be taken out without fear that the whole house will fall asleep needles.

Of course, do not grind at all, when taking the Christmas tree, you can’t work. All the same will have to go through a broom.