Rules for choosing a children’s car seat

Today, most people have their own road transport. You can easily go on a trip, visit it or shopping. But what about the children, because the car is one of the most not reliable vehicles. How to protect a child from injuries or even save his life? There is a way out – children’s chairs in a car.

The stores provide a wide range of goods, how to choose the right? It is worth following certain tips.

The weight of the child

The first thing you need to pay attention to is groups from 0 to 3. They are calculated for weight up to 36 kg. They are designed for a certain weight and age of the child. There are combined groups.

Based on these numbers, you need to select the appropriate.

The first two groups can be launched in a lying position, which is very convenient. Since young children love to sleep while traveling. In addition, portable handles can be equipped in them so that the baby can be taken without problems with him without disturbing his sleep.

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A single opinion, what kind of children’s car seats are not the best, for each it is his own. The main thing is to choose it. Most likely, a chair from a huge SUV will not be in the city car. This reason is in different fixation methods.

Companies producing children’s car seats offer three mounting methods:

The chair has its own seat belts, and it is attached to the seat seat belts;

Sitting and child are held by standard seat belts;

The ISOFIX system allows you to attach car seats to the vehicle body for protruding brackets. This method is very popular, but it is not suitable for all car models.

In order not to fall into an inconvenient position and not buy an inappropriate option, you should first try on a car seare in your vehicle or agree on a possible replacement. There are cases when the seat size is too small and the chair cannot be fully fixed.

Additional tips:

The child should be put in the chosen chair and ask him how comfortable or independently examine him and draw a conclusion about convenience in him;

Additional lateral protection can better protect the child in the case of an accident.


Companies do not stand still and gradually improve existing models or release new. They should unfasten the covers so that they can be washed. Made of breathable materials are more comfortable for the child. In addition, the higher the cost, the usually higher the quality of plastic and metal, which can play a decisive role. Therefore, you cannot save on a car seal for a car seal for a child.