Rules for choosing children

Young parents are interested in the question: “How to choose the right crib for a child?". In fact, there are no particular difficulties here, then when choosing it is worth considering some nuances.

Type of cot

Depending on age, the sleeping place will differ. If for small ones you need coting cakes, then for older children, a single product of an interesting shape is ideal (for example, in the form of a car).

By the functionality and type of design, the crib is divided into the following types:

Cradle – for newborns. This is a swinging cradle that happens on springs or skills. The second option is better for babies who have to constantly rock, and for active children it is better to buy a model with springs.

The arena – a similar bed was originally used for games, but practice shows that it is quite convenient to sleep in it. This type of bed is considered to be the most common, since it performs several functions at the same time – a sleeping place, a safe zone for the game.

What should you pay attention to when buying

With the advent of the child’s family and the rules of behavior in the child, should change. Together with the convenience of parents, the most important moment is the safety and cleanliness in the room, so all objects must meet these standards. There is no one parameter that will allow you to choose the perfect product, but to buy a quality bed, it is worth holding some rules:

Firstly, a good product stands out with its color. Usually a natural thing will cost a lot, although this parameter is not unambiguous;

When choosing a crib, special attention should be paid to the reliability of the mechanism. If all elements are made of wood or plastic, then no one can guarantee a long service life. Metal compounds will be the best option, they will not break or deform during operation;

Models made of metal or wood of hypoallergen, that is, they do not emit toxins, which cannot be said about plastic. But it is worth noting that when buying a crib made on the basis of modern materials, you do not risk anything, because they are absolutely safe;

Also pay attention to additional elements. Boxes for storing diapers, toys and so on will not be superfluous. For older children, a good option would be a bed equipped with a moving bottom (as the child is growing, he is omitted).

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