Rules for preparing the body for the beach season

The Internet is full of jokes about girls who rush to bring the body into a form, when there is no time to achieve the desired effect. This does not prevent many from continuing to wait for warming in order to engage in their appearance. Think about what and where you need to adjust to wear a swimsuit with pride, and not draped into the folds of Pareo, is needed in February March. Key rules are collected below.

Drink water. Clean, uncomfortable, without gas, 1.5-2 liters per day. This will require the minimum effort, and the result will manifest in everything, starting from the complexion and ending with brain activity and memory. For weight loss, water is also extremely important.

Eat properly. It is enough to gradually begin to refuse harmful food and include useful in the diet. Gradually: Today, instead of chocolate, to eat an apple during the break, only today. And perhaps tomorrow. There are small portions 4-5 times a day. So you can invisively change the power system without frightening diets and restrictions.

Increase physical activity. Walk more on foot, do a little charging at home (literally a few exercises to stretch the muscles) – this will help to cheer up after the “winter hibernation”. To prepare the body for the beach season, you really need professional classes 2-3 times a week /, at first it is advisable to use the help of a coach. Individual selection of exercises is much more effective than unsystematic use of all simulators in a row. It is very important that the specialist monitor the correctness of the exercises – even familiar from school lessons of push -ups, many do it incorrectly, which reduces the effectiveness of classes.

In each case, the time is individual, but on average the effect of training becomes noticeable after a month and a half. Therefore, about bringing the body to the form to the summer, it is worthwhile to worry in advance.

Take care of the skin. As a rule, the skin of the face goes the most attention, and they forget about the body for the entire cold season. This is an erroneous approach, the whole body needs moisturizing and nutrition. Regular masks, wraps and scrubs will help to be stripped on the beach without fears.

Substerate. Ned -sleeping is the worst enemy of appearance, he leads to stagnant processes throughout the body and, in particular, does not affect the figure poorly.

A beautiful body for the beach season is the result of self -love and hard work. It is not difficult to achieve it if you set the goal in advance and act systematically.