We wash the terry things correctly

Extremely warm and convenient use of terry things dominate in every house and these are not only bathrobes, but also pants, pajamas, socks and towels.

Most likely, for many years, the manufacturers will not be able to come up with an analogue of a terry product, because these are the most pleasant things to the touch in which more than pleasantly to plunge, both after a hard day and after the adoption of a hot bath.

We wash the terry things correctly and shed the service life of each terry product. Washing and properly taking care of things and products in the house, it turns out to use things for so long that you can even forget in which year, a terry towel or a beloved terry robe was purchased.

Incorrectly executed washing, as the practice of time shows, can lead to only one and this is the deformation of the product and the loss of product properties.

If you touch on the topic of proper washing of terry products, then here you will not find a boiling procedure, since terry items are prohibited. Without following the rules of the manufacturer and erasing the old fashioned way in a tank with hot and boiled water, any terry product will receive stiffness and, therefore, having lost their main qualities, the product will not be suitable for use.

That is why terry towels become tough and if you systematically erase towels in very hot water, then you can not even dream of the softness of the product.

It is advisable to wash terry products in soft water, which will not exceed sixty degrees if possible, if the pollution is not strong with forty degrees and thus your favorite terry things will always remain soft and tender to the touch.

Wash terry things correctly mean, after washing, do not twist the outcast things. As we became aware of even a strong squeeze, can injure a terry product. According to the rules of washing, it is recommended to squeeze out suspended terry things slightly and then dry in the fresh air.