Rules for using hair oil

Want to have beautiful and healthy curls? Then we suggest you use natural oils having a thousand -year history of use. They are suitable for all types of hair. Pay attention to Matrix hair oil, the main task of which is to soak the curls from the roots up to the very tips. Spicy oil not only nourishes hair, but also turns its aroma with the departure into a relaxing procedure. In such an atmosphere, you can perfectly dream about fabulous rest in the warm corners of the world.

Oils are exclusively benefit, but provided that you will use them correctly. This is where we propose to dwell in more detail.

You need to apply oil before washing your hair, the hair should be dry. Comb the curls pre -comb, you can please yourself with a massage for the scalp, this will start an enhanced process of blood supply to this part of the body, which will contribute to better absorption of beneficial substances.

Use a special bowl when applying, where you can mix oils or heat them on a water bath. For the convenience of application, we advise you to moisten your hands in water and only then apply to the scalp. If your choice fell on natural sea buckthorn oil, but it can stain manicure and hands, and therefore we advise you to use gloves. Apply with massage smooth movements, distributing oil over the entire surface of the curls. Comb the hair with your fingers so that each lock is perfectly smoked.

Hair is absorbed by all the desired amount of components, and therefore do not pour oil into the curls, remember that it will wash it off a little problematic.

You can leave the oil on the head from an hour to two, covering your hair with a dietary film and insulation with a hat, a towel. The option of braiding a braid and go to bed with an oil mask all night is not excluded. Using oil in the correct amount, you do not spoil bedding. But you can play it back and put on an old pillow on the pillow for the first time.

Rinse oil with simple shampoo. As a rule, the procedure is carried out several times. If you want, you can use acidified infusions with lemon juice to treat curls after washing or a decoction of oak bark.

To get the desired effect, you need to regularly carry out oil masks, usually 1-2 times a week, in cases of active treatment of curls, you can increase the number of procedures to 3-4 times.

Already after a couple of procedures, you will notice that the hair has become more beautiful, because natural oils are perceived by our curls as a native product and take all the most useful from it.