Menstrual cup

The real alternative to ordinary tampons and gaskets used by women during critical days was a menstrual bowl or cap. This is a small soft cup of silicone, which resembles in its shape a bell. To collect menstrual blood, it must be placed in the vagina.

Do not worry that the cap can fall out – with a properly selected size, the bowl will be kept inside not only due to muscle effort, but also thanks to the vacuum created when introduced.

The material from which this item is also made is also completely safe is the same silicone that goes to implants or to children’s dishes and toys. Of course, you will check the certificate when buying. Silicone does not cause allergies, which makes it an ideal solution for allergies, more Menstrual-Cup

Capes can be used not only during the day, but also at night. They hold blood well, so you may not be afraid and for bedding.

The duration of use of one cap can reach a dozen years, but you will have to follow all the rules for taking care.