How to choose a kitten

How best to choose a kitten? Choosing a kitten is a difficult task, of course, if you want you have no problems with a pet, you need to choose a healthy kitten. A healthy kitten will have beautiful neat wool, clear eyes, pink mouth and, of course, clean ears. All this should be paid attention to, since it is these factors that can tell a lot about the former life of the kitten. Also, while choosing a kitten, you should look at it on the other side, that is, under the tail. The wool under the tail should also be neat and clean, the anus should not be inflamed in any case. If the kitten has, what are health problems, then most likely the skin around the anus to wake up inflammatory pink. A healthy pet should not be completely hard, that is, a little soft. If the owner claims that the stomach of the kitten is hard because he ate tightly, then in this case they just want to deceive you. How to choose a kitten? While choosing at the very beginning, you need to touch the stomach of the kitten. If it is hard, then it is clear, the kitten simply had worms. Such a kitten will bring only one problem, of course, it can be treated, but after it you will have to constantly care. Some kittens die, it is from worms. A healthy kitten should be cheerful and very nimble, only such a kitten can be taken home. Even considering his little age, the kitten should show the desire of a real hunter. That is, he constantly wakes up for something to chase, catch up, bite, catch, only a healthy kitten does all this. Basically, while the kitten is small, then you just can’t take your eyes off it. Since he is very beautiful, fluffy and looks like a small children’s toy. The older the kitten becomes, the of its appearance, of course, changes. The wool becomes stiffer, quite sharp fangs and claws appear. You won’t play with such a kitty, unless the cat has a desire. Sometimes such cats can simply sleep constantly and eat, and, of course, walk around the house from time to time. In the following materials there will be stories about porridge, funny cats can surprise everyone.