Rules for choosing an open fire pan

To prepare dishes over open fire, there are many options for pots from a variety of materials. What to opt for? The main requirements are durability, ease of care and safety. Consider dishes for open fire from these points of view.

Options made of steel stainless type, perhaps the most popular and in demand, especially with a double bottom. The pots are convenient, beautiful, modern look with unpretentious care. But there is a significant drawback-when heating food due to metal, harmful impurities may come into it. Therefore, the preparation of vegetable dishes in such a pan should be avoided, because it is local acids to react with the metal.

Aluminum pots are considered durable, but just like stainless steel options, they are not safe for health. Again, aluminum oxide after the preparation of vegetables and fruits will poison food. So, in this pan, we cook only meat and vegetables of a certain type, and after complete readiness, we use another dishes. In addition, that material is complicated for care: the metal is muffle, it is easy to scratch it, so we use only a soft sponge.

The option of safer utensils will be cast -iron pots. They are old and tested by time. And even if they are not very aesthetic and sufficient bulky, their quality can be trusted. Cast iron is also adapted to the enamel coating, enamel dishes are obtained.

When choosing an enameled pan, pay attention to whether the coating is integrity, whether there is a bloating of enamel, as well as the thickness of the product and the size of the bottom. Ideally, the latter should coincide with the size of the burner so that heating turns out uniform and does not lead to enamel cracks. Food in such a pan can be stored and remain fresh and without the risk of oxidation. The disadvantage of this material will be its fragility: when it is damaged, the metal opens, which can lead to poisoning and oxidation of food consumed. So, you need to clean the dishes with a soft brush or washcloth, in no case do not scrape or create temperature contrast, which will also give its own crackle effect.

Ceramics dishes have always been relevant for cooking only in the oven.

Nevertheless, today there are heat -resistant options for cooking over open fire. And they have many advantages. In them, products are preserved longer than in others, and use in a microwave and in the freezer. Ceramics holds heat perfectly, easy to care for, it is even washed in a dishwasher, and the possibilities of cooking over an open fire are a real find for those who appreciate both comfort, aesthetics, and health.

In any case, so that the food is the right quality, and the result does not fail you, it is better to have pots from various materials and volumes.