Lighting 2014

To release a new collection of bedding, long searches, cooperation with designers, stylists are needed, because it is already part of the internal design of the bedroom. Bed linen can also affect the mood and create a certain atmosphere in the room.

It can also go out of fashion, like clothes and shoes. Therefore, from year to year, specialists in this area try to attract consumers with new shades and design. What kind of bedding you can buy inexpensively in many stores, became popular in 2014?

The palette is very diverse: blue, green, orange, red, brown, black and their shades. Expressive and courageous drawings: abstractness, optical illusion. Well, it was not without classics.

The most popular colors of bedding in 2014:

– photo printing on fabric, 3D drawing;

– flowers of various shades in various colors;

– sea ​​shades;

– Animal colors (leopard, tiger, zebra, snake).

This is in terms of colors. But what about the fabric?

Cotton underwear from Egypt and Pima. Their quality is similar. Both are known for the longest cotton fibers in the world. Buying a bed kit made of this material, there is no doubt about softness, tenderness and strength.

Woolen bedding is a luxurious decoration of the bed. It is made of Kashmir goats wool, is light, tender. It is not scary to freeze with such linen in the cold winter. The secret is that it retains the natural temperature of the human body.

The fashion for feathers borrowed from the past returned. It is very convenient to sleep on a pillow, shelter with a blanket full of feather or fluff.

Silicone fillers are very popular. They soothe well the nervous system and can be in the form of a gel or small balls.

You can see that the 2014 bedding attracts with its diversity and practicality, and the magnificent design is able to make any bedroom spectacular.