Makeup removers: types and tips for choosing

The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive, so you need to be careful when choosing a cleanser. We offer you a selection of the best makeup remover products that are highly rated by experts and buyers

Cosmetologists have a saying: those who cleanse their face correctly will not need foundation for a long time. Beauty experts say that regular and proper cleansing allows you to maintain skin tone and youth for a long time. And even more so, this factor is important when it comes to removing makeup from the eyes – the most sensitive area. And here it is important which means you choose for this.

There are four main ones: cleansing milk, oil or gel, micellar water.

Cleansing milk gently removes eye makeup while moisturizing the skin. Important: avoid products containing alcohol.

The cleansing oil provides double hydration and is great for removing stubborn eye makeup. At the same time, it removes makeup from the skin as delicately as possible.

Micellar water serves two purposes at once: removing makeup and toning. It seems to awaken the skin, making it fresh and ready for the next stage: applying a nourishing cream.

Cleansing gels are ideal for those who value squeaky cleansing. In addition, they even out skin tone well, but almost always dry it out a little, so additional moisturizing is indispensable.