Features of a cascade haircut and rules for its execution

Haircuts made in the cascade style have been at the peak of popularity for more than one season. Gradually, the technology underwent a number of changes according to fashion trends, but the structure remained the same

Fashionistas and stylists are always attracted by asymmetry and the opportunity to experiment. This is the cornerstone embedded in all modern trends. There are hairstyles that are a revival of something long forgotten, and there are haircuts that never go out of style. The cascade has remained in demand and popular for more than half a century. The haircut is so multifaceted that it is difficult to assign one meaning to it. Let’s try to understand the most current cascade trends in 2024-2025.

What is a cascade haircut

The cascade is a multi-layered haircut with smooth transitions of curls. To create it, the master shortens the strands in layers, making many different levels. The length of the strands gradually decreases towards the crown. The cascade visually increases the volume of hair, correcting the shape of the face, and looks good at any length. The hairstyle looks great with bangs, regardless of their type and length. Cascade is a universal haircut that goes well with classic and non-standard options for coloring curls.