Flirt rules

Flirting is the main instinct, a certain part of human nature. However, far from all attempts to flirt up ends with an unconditional and complete victory. In order for such disappointments and troubles to never happen to you, remember the simple rules of flirting – good, win -win and high -quality.

Flirt rules for women:

Make all efforts to look just stunning.

Never show a drop of despondency, but always personify only optimism and vigor.

Never stay in the shadow of your own friends and friends. Try to break out of this circle and start to boldly experiment!

Look directly in the eye if you liked him, and feel free to smile back.

Such a thing as an absolutely correct first phrase does not exist. The main thing is not what you say, but how exactly you will do it.

In advance, determine for yourself the facets of the permitted. You definitely do not owe anyone. After all, a long romance should not be followed by flirting. Remember, carefree flirting is always possible .