Correct and competent hair care is art

Most of us carefully monitor our external data. A lot of effort and time requires care for our hair, for which we use a huge mass of various means, whether it be gels, shampoo or lotions. In fact, it is worth remembering that a lot of factors have a significant effect on the hair – natural radioactivity, the environment, solar radiation, proper nutrition, physical activity, etc. Most cosmetics really help, but some have absolutely no effect or even harm.

Also harm to their hair can be absolutely innocent, involuntarily trusting advertising and various unreliable sources.

So many believe that by eating healthy foods can be strengthened and improved hair. It is necessary to eat right, of course, but this has no effect on the hair. They should strengthen them with special vitamin masks. Also, an important factor in maintaining the health of hair is their washing, while it is desirable to do this as often as possible. At the same time, do not forget that the frequent change of shampoo will in no way affect the efficiency of washing.

Should not be convinced that the replacement of the mask with the air conditioner will be equivalent. The task of the latter is only moisture, and the mask is used for a wider range of tasks, including to prevent their loss, the cause of which can be hair dye. Moreover, both men and women are suitable for absolutely the same means, since their composition is often completely similar, and the difference can only be observed in aromas.

Many of us are increasingly lending on various misconceptions, such as the fact that frequent combing is beneficial for hair, and the use of hairdries is absolutely harmless. You can argue endlessly with both statements, but everyone should be known that frequent drying with a hairdryer makes them brittle, and frequent combing of brittle hair will undoubtedly lead their losses.

If you follow the elementary rules of care and not make the above mistakes, then you can achieve amazing results. Watch what you eat, do not abuse the solar “baths”, control the level of radioactivity (you can use the dosimeter of the radio meter), use only high -quality shampoos and air conditioners and the main result will be healthy and beautiful hair.