Rules for choosing and wearing compression knitwear

Когда нарушается работа кровеносной системы в нижней части тела, врачи рекомендуют ходить в компрессионном белье. Today it is one of the best means for treating such diseases that significantly improves the patient’s health status.

Before buying this type of linen, you should definitely consult a doctor, since today there are four knitwear classes that differ in the degree of compression and are rushed depending on the scale of the disease.

The degree of compression of such linen is measured not in DEN, but in millimeters of the mercury column. A sign of fake is the improper indication of the density and such a product will not only not improve the condition of the legs, but can also harm. Remember that your health and condition of your body will always depend only on you and therefore we advise you to buy compression knitwear only as a prescription of your doctor and in special places for this.

Before you buy the product suitable for all parameters, be sure to check the seams of the product. They must be even, without bulges, otherwise irritation may occur.

In the external indicator, there are a variety of types of compression knitwear, and the selection of the type of linen suitable for you depends on the location of the manifestations of the disease. For example, if a shin is affected by the area, then for treatment it will be enough for you to get golfs.

If the network of extended veins is above the lower leg, then it is recommended to wear compression stockings or tights. Remember that the main thing when selecting this type of therapeutic products is that its edge should be higher than the affected area of ​​the body by 15-20 centimeters. For example, if a sore spot is located near the knee, the golfs will not help you. Among other things, when wearing compression linen, weather conditions should also be taken into account.

For example, compression tights are often quite tall and dense and in the summer heat in them it will not be quite comfortable for you, but the stockings are just right.

When the problems with the choice of the product have faded into the background, it is worth remembering how to wear this type of clothing correctly.

In order for the therapeutic compression knitwear to perform their functions efficiently, doctors advise it to put it on in the morning before lifting from bed. If there is no such possibility and you need to put on such laundry during the day, you need to lie down for 8-10 minutes with your legs raised, and only after that proceed to put on.

In order for your compression linen to serve you as long as possible, remember that before putting it on, it is worth removing jewelry from your hands so that it would not be accidentally damaged. Dressing the linen, follow the folds do not form on it, and that it would be distributed evenly through your body.

When buying this kind of underwear, consider that the terms for wearing compression linen should be established by your attending physician.

Be healthy and take care of your body!