Stylish winter manicure 2017

Woman’s hands should always be well -groomed and beautiful. That is why, the fair sex should not only follow the departure of their hands, but also make a beautiful manicure. Today you can find everything for a manicure in the assortment of Nail-Proff. With the help of various means, varnishes and accessories, women can think about anything and realize any, even the most unusual ideas for a beautiful and original manicure.

Today, everyone can do a beautiful winter manicure, even on their own without leaving your home, but if you do not understand this or you simply do not have time for this, then you should contact the help of experienced specialists. There are various salons that offer professional manicure, but it should be noted that not every woman can pamper herself with the services of masters.

Before you start applying a winter manicure, you need to choose the right palette. You can choose the shade of such colors as:




Gold and silver.

Such shades can cause associations with such a season, and winter. For example, with the help of white, you can draw white snow, but with the help of blue you can focus on the winter sky.

Golden and silver arias will remind of a wonderful holiday – about the New Year. Here you can also use shades of red, for example, draw a hat of Santa Claus. When applying winter manicure, you do not need to forget about sparkles. Sparkles can be used of any kind, color and shape. All this will help create a festive mood. Snowballs also look very beautiful. For example, using white varnish, you can draw snowballs. But before that, you need to apply the varnish of red, blue or, for example, green.

You can get a beautiful effect if you use varnishes correctly and carefully make patterns. It is here that many women are faced with problems, because not everyone knows how to draw patterns beautifully. In this case, it is necessary to contact professionals. Stylish winter manicure in 2017 will allow every representative of the fair sex to look beautiful, well -groomed. Fashion trends of this year are so interesting, yari and diverse that you can create something creative and original. For example, if you do not like snowballs, paintings, patterns then you can choose geometric forms or lines.

Color lines will also look beautiful and appropriate in the winter of 2017.