How to congratulate the baby on the holiday cheat sheet for parents

Childhood is a wonderful period in the life of a little man. In it, the world is filled with bright colors of adventure, the young dreamer sincerely believes in fairy tales and their magic heroes. So let’s make the child the child a reality, at least on his birthday.

So, what to worry about on the eve of the holiday.

First of all, it is necessary to originally congratulate the birthday man. Choose funny birthday greetings in verses, the baby will certainly like.

Think about where the baby would like to go. Perhaps he had long dreamed of a water park or a trip to the circus. Or maybe he likes the game in a noisy children’s company?

Pick up the theme of the solemn day. Let it be a pirate party, a fabulous fairy ball, a walk through an enchanted forest or a script in the style of sports.

Do not forget about the menu for kids. If you prefer a holiday in a pizzeria or cafe, and a lot of guests are gaining, warn the administration of the institution in advance.

Organize the celebration. You can invite professional actors, agree with talented friends or try your own strength on a creative path. Often good assistants in this matter are the older brothers or sisters of the birthday.

Take care about thematic costumes.

And most importantly, do not forget about the long -awaited gift for your beloved baby.