Rules for removing makeup

The components of decorative cosmetics in combination with dust and skin disrupt the respiratory function of the skin. As a result, inflammatory processes arise, and the appearance of the face worsens. To keep the skin healthy, it is necessary to learn the proper removal of makeup with massage movements.

In what sequence to remove makeup?


First, remove shine, lipstick or pencil. When carrying out the procedure, hold the corners of the lips, and move towards their middle.


This is a rather difficult stage, t. To. There is delicate skin in this area. Make makeup removal liquid carefully, make sure that it does not get on the mucous membrane.

If the shadows were used, first of all delete them. With a cotton pad, carry out in the direction from the nose to the temple. For a demagus of the eyes, purchase a separate tool.

Next, remove the most persistent layer of cosmetics – mascara. To effectively remove this cosmetic product, draw the disk along the eyelashes from the roots to the ends. Protect the mucous membrane from negative effects. You can apply a cotton pad divided into two parts and moistened in a special tool. Place one part of the disk under the lower age, the second – attach to the upper. Movements should be as accurate as possible, carried out along the line of eyelash growth. Thus, you protect the skin from negative effects.

The most accurate option for removing makeup is the use of cotton sticks. Apply the product to a cotton swab and gradually remove cosmetics from the eyelid. It doesn’t matter what method you chose to remove the carcass. In any case, after the procedure, wash with water. This action allows you to wash off a cleanser from the skin.

Skin on the face

Remove the powder and tonal cream last. You can use the mousse, foam or gel. If you do not want to use water additionally, give preference to milk. Apply it evenly to the skin, massage the skin, then remove the remains with a napkin or a cotton pad. To remove the remains of makeup, wipe your face with a tonic. Such products not only help to complete the demaxion, but also tone, refresh the skin. When removing makeup, do not stretch the skin, otherwise you can speed up the process of formation of early wrinkles. Choose the most suitable options for cleansing funds and clean your face daily, taking into account the above recommendations.