Talk to me


Or why it is important to be able to communicate and even conflict.

All women read a million manuals on how to be a good wife, how to behave with a man and what this man, in fact, should be. Not many people leave themselves a chance, regardless of the gender, just remain a person. Because “men love their eyes”, “men do not understand hints”, men, men. While there is only one rule that can help in family relationships is to talk and agree. So why is it so important?

Ignorance does not exempt from responsibility

If you did not know that it is bad and punishable to rob you- they will put you down anyway. Your ignorance does not bother anyone. A very similar scheme is in a relationship. Here the woman is silent, she does not say that she would like more, for example, hard sex. A man may also want to, but is afraid to offend her, so smoothly their sexual relations become boring and do not particularly bring pleasure.

Well, or a man, for example, do not like the used methods of contraception. Maybe he would like more passion to the contraception to be invisible, so as not to prepare, not to spend time on this. But no one talks about it and everything goes on as usual, contraception is the same, my wife wants less and less. What is the likelihood that stupid methods of contraception can lead to treason? It is great, but they are not to blame, but the closeness of partners, the fact that they do not know how to open, honestly declare their desires, ask, demand, explain themselves.

And so in everything. Anyone who does not know, he is not to blame, but in the end he is still “put in jail”- relations are falling apart. Moreover, often the partner states: “I say I wanted to have an omelet for breakfast every day, and you are preparing me, now goodbye!"So why didn’t you say about it? She would cook, with pleasure even…

Why am I so nervous?

Unexpressed claims or wishes often sit inside and cut a day on a tiny piece from our love for a partner on a tiny day. On this occasion, we become unbearable and nervous. Often a man cannot understand what is happening to the woman, he sees that something is wrong, but to the question “what happened?"She answers" nothing ".

Man and woman

The circle is closed, it becomes more and more aggressive and at one time it is by no means a great moment everything that has been sitting inside falling on a man in the form of a scandal with tears, throwing things, can even reach the assault! Of course, this can happen not only with a woman, but also with a man. Therefore, it will be much less traumatic for everyone will immediately talk about the whole partner. This does not mean that every five minutes it is necessary to declare that he does something wrong. Talk and find out also you need to be able to…

How to say?

It is best to express your thought not in the form of a claim: “You do not love me, because you never call the first”, but to speak only about your feelings and wishes: “I would like you to call the first, so I will feel your love”. In addition, you need to understand that not all your whims a partner can really perform. After all, he is a living person, he has some habits, principles, another way of life. It is in order to somehow correct your two individual worlds and reduce it into one and you need to talk. Conflict is an engine of relations, not an enemy, unless, of course, a conflict is for the sake of conflict, but for the sake of resolving it.