Stylish autumn manicure 2018

One of the most important details of the image of a woman are nails. They must be well -groomed, beautiful. Stylish manicure will create an elegant, sophisticated image worthy of praise.

In the fall of 2018, there are certain trends in manicure, which each fashionista should familiarize themselves with.

Nude shades

The nude color palette showed itself not only in autumn clothes, but also in manicure. This means that you need to adhere to dim shades:






Light brown.

These shades are especially suitable for those who work in the office, and the image of a serious, experienced employee does not allow to look too bright and catch. Nude shades are grace and elegance.


If the main coating seems too simple, you can use the decor, which manifests itself in the form of rhinestones, glitter or powder. You can decorate them not all nails, but only a few. To be able to create such a decor, a manicure courses have been developed – Irina Klapschi training center, where classes are interesting and exciting.

This will give the image of originality, but it will not make it too vulgar, allow you to maintain sophistication.

Flower print

Despite the fact that the summer time was left behind, no one is in a hurry to abandon the flower print.

You can safely create images of flowers, leaves on the nails. Especially recommend specialists to draw on the nails of maple leaves. This is a kind of symbol of autumn, which will cheer up a woman, will allow you to feel perfect even on the most cloudy day.

Geometric figures

In the fall, you do not need to give up figures and drawings. If you want something unusual, you can decorate the nails with geometric shapes: triangles, zigzags, rectangles, circles and ovals.

Direct, correct lines will create a serious, sophisticated image, which is especially useful in a business, working environment.

Color palette

Each fashionista asks the question of which shades in manicure in the fall are most relevant. Specialists call several of them:






Dark blue.

We must not forget about white, gold and silver shades. Usually they are bright additions in dark colors. It is they who draw drawings, create incredible images.

Manicure in the fall is not boring and monotonous. There are many trends that allow you to stay bright on a cloudy day.