Facial skin care rules in winter

In the cold winter, the skin needs more delicate care. Since constant temperature changes in dry air in the rooms have a negative effect on the skin.

The skin becomes dry and defenseless, in need of special care.

During this period, one should abandon the use of soap, various foams and lotions, which in their composition have alcohol. Washing can be replaced with cosmetic milk, which has minerals in its composition.

Normal skin care in the remaining seasons, which include cleansing, moisturizing and protection, and in the cold season you should go to more intense care. This season requires cleaning, food and protection. The main skin care products in the winter, are considered creams with oily and thick consistency, which are enriched with vitamins. When purchasing creams for the cold period, it is necessary to give preference to domestic production, since foreign production is not designed for the Russian climate. However, sometimes you can find special series intended for representatives from the north.

Cosmetologists recommend adhering to the following rules in the winter:

• use fat creams;

• use the cream half an hour before going out;

• take a contrast shower;

• in the presence of wrinkles, purchase creams with vitamin E;

• eat foods rich in vitamins;

• wash with thermal water;

• avoid excessive stress;

• Moisten the room, hanging a wet cloth on the batteries and put bowls with water.

• consume up to three liters of water daily.

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