Zagar rules in solarium

After visiting the solarium, we can burn beautifully in a very short time. During Zagar, we get a hormone of happiness – endorphin, this hormone increases our mood. During Zagara, our skin receives a useful vitamin D 3, this vitamin supports the vital activity of the whole organism. In order to get a beautiful tan, you need to follow several rules. If we have been under the sun for too long, that is, for a long time, we can sunbathe it can be very poorly affected by our skin. Many people believe that getting a beautiful tan in the solarium is much better and of course safe than for example to sunbathe on the beach. This is the right measure, because in the solarium there are special filters that do not allow gamma rays to damage our skin. But even despite this, there are several contraindications in the solarium, in which it will be best not to use the services of a solarium. If there are wounds or for example pimples on your body, in such cases it is better to wait until it goes away and only after you can sunbathe in the solarium.

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It is also better not to use the solarium if you are treating or you feel bad. The best option will be if you consult a specialist, and if there are no contraindications, you can safely go sunbathing. In order for your skin to acquire a beautiful bronze tan, you need to adhere to various recommendations. Before you go to sunbathe in the solarium, you will need to take a bath, but you just do not need to use various alkaline agents, this is of course soap, and also not to use a body scrub. All these products can greatly dry your skin.

Of course, the tan itself in the solarium and so dries the skin, and all this can damage your skin. Use soft shower gels this will be enough. In the solarium, do not forget to put on a special hair hat, this hat will help protect your hair from ultrophialet radiation. And of course put on special glasses, the eyes should also be protected. If you use lenses, in the solarium, the lens will need to be removed. Of course, to get an excellent result, you will need to use special creams for the solarium.

It is also necessary to protect the breast from ultrophialet radiation, for example, you can put on a regular cotton bra in the solarium. It is not advisable to use cosmetics and various perfumes, all these decorative and perfumery can cause the field of the solarium allergies to your skin. After a tan, you can safely take a shower and of course pamper your tanned body with a pleasant and moisturizing body lotion. It is best to gradually sunbathe in a solarium, so that your skin remains healthy and of course beautiful. At the present time, almost every beauty salon provides such a service as – a beautiful bronze tan, that is, a visit to a solarium. Sunbathe for health, just do not forget that everything should be in moderation!