The shape of the chest can change after childbirth, after breastfeeding or due to an injury. Every woman wants to look beautiful and, becoming older, women really want to preserve rounded and elegant shapes. It is not always possible to achieve the desired result, for example, training can only be done with the help of sports, bringing your weight to normal just to tighten your chest and give it the former elasticity with such classes cannot be.

What is a mastopexy?

The problem with the ugly form of the chest was solved by the surgeons with the help of the latest method in the form of a mastopexy, the presented surgical method is a mammary gland lift under it.

When the breast loses its shape and begins to sag the level of the nipple, it is allowed to change such a breast below the loaded fold, that is, to achieve the desired breast volume and return the elasticity, you just need to carry out the lifting of the mammary gland or choose the operational method in the form of a mastixia.

For the first time, such an operation presented in the form of a mammary gland was pulled back in 1958. A little later, the specialists of individual areas turned out to create implants with which it was possible to increase the volume of the chest several times. With the help of various methods, the operation presented in the form of a breast lift with every New Year has improved and, as a result, today those women who decide on plastic get the perfect breast, which will be completely devoid of scars and all possible outwardly not attractive seams.