Chemical Cleaning what means use

Today, any facial cleaning can not bring the sense of discomfort that was previously. Now our skin can be treated with special means in order to open the pores as much as possible and dissolve subcutaneous fat. Then you can already from the skin, gently and completely painless, remove keratinized and unnecessary cells, as well as foci of inflammation. When all the necessary procedures are finished, special creams are rubbed onto the skin or masks, of course, are selected individually, depends on its condition. A pleasant completion will be the procedure with the application of soothing and drying drugs so as not to leave any traces of exposure.

Features of chemical cleaning

So, consider what the chemical cleaning of the face is. Every day we wash themselves, use foams and various scrubs for the face, only for complete cleansing is this not enough. Then we decide to go to the beauty salon, and we want to clean our face with professionals.

The principle is simple – you need to remove the thin upper layer of the skin and not work "in depth". You will be cleaned with the surface of the skin from excess secretion and keratinized cells. Such cleaning is divided into drug and enzyme and works as follows: substances go to the epidermis, and then dissolve the rods.

In the drug cleaning, they use the following acids:






And in the enzyme only Bromelain and Papain enzymes are used. In other words, physical effects on the skin are not supposed. Having applied the cleansing mixture on the face, they begin to clean with a more “tough” composition. And thus, your skin will warm up, the fatty rod softens and slightly dissolve. At the end, a soft and soothing mask is rubbed into the skin.

And all, your cleaning – completed!