How to choose a kitchen knife

In addition to the main 4 knives, in the kitchen, as a rule, there are knives for cleaning fruits and vegetables. Such knives are small and with a pointed tip.

Of course, in choosing a knife, it is first necessary to pay attention to the blade. In the first place are forged stainless steel knives, which in their composition have the addition of chromium, which gives a “stainless steel” special strength. There are also knives in the blades of which molybdenum and vanadium are present. This should not be scared, as they are safe for your body. If you decide to buy a knife for a kitchen for vegetables, then a molybdenum knife will be just by the way.

In addition to the structure of the knife blade, when choosing it is necessary to pay attention to sharpening, which can be laser in nature. This term refers to the processing process of the blade. Such a blade is not stupid, since it is self -adjusted during operation. In order to choose a knife with a “laser sharpening”, you need to pay attention to a perpendicularly cutting plane, where matte risks are visible, which speak of sharpening with a laser.

There are also ceramic knives that appeared in our life relatively recently. These knives have a special component of zirconium dioxide, which give ceramics strength.