Body skin care rules in winter

How to keep the skin soft and delicate even in the most severe frosts?

In winter, the skin is especially susceptible to negative effects, so sooner or later each girl is faced with the question of proper protection of her skin.

In winter, dryness causes a large number of factors. Among them are not only cold, but also heating in houses, dry air in conditioned rooms, even woolen things and a festive drink.

How to help your skin in the cold season?


So that your skin shines and is moisturized, wait with pools and baths. Leave them before

the next summer, because they provoke the evaporation of liquid and dry the skin. For the same reason, souls should not be hot, but warm. After water procedures, blot your body with a towel, and do not wipe your dry.

The best choice for the shower will be a moisturizing gel or gel cream, which you can choose on .Laroche-Posay/Means/needs/Moisturization-orth-tela-CND9785.ASPX. These simple rules will help you save the skin of a moisturized.

Winter is also not the time for scrubs. But massages are the most for tired skin. The most suitable creams at this time of the year necessarily contain natural oils. For example, Shi oil, which is universally used to nutrition and restore the protective barrier of the skin.

An ideal option would be La Roche-Posay Lipikar milk. This tool is suitable for dry and very dry skin. It has lipid -powerful properties, suits children from a very young age, and also does not leave sticky traces.

The cream should be applied after a shower, an hour before going outside and before going to bed. Your skin will be grateful to you.


Correct care products – half of success.

So that your skin does not suffer from excess exposure to rough matter, it is better to abandon unnatural fabrics, as well as wool. The less friction, the better for the skin. Give preference to free clothes from cotton or wear a thermal underwear, which will save from frosts and is not harmful to the skin.


In the fight against skin dryness, your best assistant is a humidifier of air, which can be put at home, where there is too much heating, or in the conditioned office. It will also be good to fill large vases with water and arrange them from the batteries.


The diet also affects the condition of the skin. To please the skin in winter, turn on fish, avocados, vegetable oil, seeds and nuts in your menu. These products contain a lot of fats and help the skin keep lipid balance. Also do not forget about water. You can include natural juices in the diet and increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables and herbs. All this is also excellent moisture sources for the body.