Choose your fragrance what you need to know when choosing

Everyone knows that the aromas are divided into daytime and evening. Daily perfume is suitable for use every day, while evening – for special occasions. How to choose your fragrance and what to do if it belongs to the category of evening perfume?

First of all, you need to understand what are the differences in daytime and evening aromas and find out modern fashion trends. It is believed that daytime perfumes has a lighter, airy, subtle aroma. Such perfumes can be used with a daily wardrobe.

Evening perfumes, which is offered in a large assortment, the Ukrainian online perfume store offers is more refined and exquisite, has a bright and rich aroma, it is perfect for an evening dress, emphasizes its elegance and special chic.

Modern perfumers often release new aromas to the market, the so -called universal. They are light and sophisticated, fresh and delicate, thin and memorable, in addition, the universal perfume goes well with any wardrobe.

It must be said that every woman should choose her own aroma, focusing, first of all, on personal sensations. Choose perfumes calmly and relaxed, without any haste and fuss, that is, with pleasure. In order not to make a mistake, first use a sample. Apply the aroma to the inside of the elbow and wrists, wait until the aroma opens completely.

So that the smells do not mix, apply perfumes last to absolutely dry skin. Do not use deodorant and perfume at the same time.