Stylish dresses 2018

Most likely, all the girls came across a situation where the closet is no longer closing from the abundance of clothes in it, but it still seems that there is nothing suitable at the moment and have to convince your loved one that a new dress is really necessary. This happens especially often when the eye has already fallen on some new fashionable dress.

What are the fashion dresses in 2018?

Initially, I want to say that every woman must have at least one dress in a wardrobe. This outfit accompanies in all events.

This year, fashion designers decided not to regret fashionistas and created dresses made of lace or grids, and such a dress should be worn not only in a warm season, about also in the autumn-winter season.

The best palette this year:

All shades of blue;

All shades of red;




Do not forget about the classics – black. This year it is best to use it not as an independent shade, but in combination with those colors that are listed above.

What prints in 2018 are considered the most fashionable?

This season it is best to choose for yourself dresses with such prints:

Checkered options;

Large stripes;


Everyone is loved with peas, both large and small are suitable;

Children’s drawings;

Abstract and geometric shapes.

It is best to choose dresses with the longest sleeve and open shoulders. You can find a suitable dress for yourself on the site: Marikamoda/Zhenskaya-Odezhda/Platya

The best fabric for the dress in 2018

In order to look like, this season it is best to select dresses made of fabrics such as:



Any translucent fabrics or mesh;

Knitted options.

The latest option will be perfect to wear a dress on a regular, not even a holiday.

It is worth noting that it is worth approaching the choice of fabric with particular caution, it is best to give your preference to dense, real fabrics, if you choose the fabric too thin, then this can give the image a certain vulgarity, which most likely does not want to achieve a single one girl.

This year, you should not be afraid to take the dresses of those styles that will emphasize each line of the figure, the main thing is to notice the folds that are unnecessary on them in time when trying.

For a daily option, a baggy style of style is perfect.

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