Fashion for full women 2013

Recently, the figure of 90-60-90 is gradually handing over its leadership positions. Women whose silhouette has a pleasant fullness, more and more pay attention not only to male persons, but also well -known designers. This was the reason for the appearance of wonderful fashion collections for full ladies. They have many interesting offers that are worth attention.

Stylists completely reject the opinion that full women should only wear dark clothes. On the contrary, professionals recommend choosing different colors that are ideal to shade the eyes, hair, skin and feel free to use them their wardrobe.

This year, such a decorative part as peplum burst into fashion collections with a whirlwind. For full women, this soft basque is perfect. Therefore, it can be seen in fashionable dresses, costumes, skirts. Peplum makes it possible to emphasize the waist line and veil the excessive volume of the hips.

It is wonderful for full lady and asymmetry fashionable this year. Diagonal drapery, smell dresses perfectly emphasize the beauty of the chest line, neckline. This technique distracts attention from other zones, visually makes silhouette harmonious.

Printing fabrics were widely used in the manufacture of fashionable clothing. At the peak of popularity, tropical flowers. But, many models and with geometric drawings, in peas. The vertical strip is also fashionable this year, which is perfect for full ladies.

Modern fashion for full women is replete with a variety of styles. Dresses for them are not only a classic straight cut, but also flirty cases, trapezia, “Baby-dollars” models with a low waist. This makes it possible to create images in any style. For summer pores, designers offer chiffon sundresses to the floor, which give tenderness and lightness