Cognitive and health rest in Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. This city is in sixth place in size in the European Union. Amazingly located at once on the two banks of the Danube.

Buda lies on the west bank, Pesht on the left bank of the Danube. More old, with prayer streets, with small, like toy colorful houses, part of the city – Buda – contrasts with a plain area of ​​Peshta, which is the center of commerce of Hungary.


Ancient, small, it is striking in extraordinary beauty. Famous for his serf hill. Around interesting buildings made in different styles – Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic. In addition, there are many museums, the temple of St. Mitosh, the Bastion of the Fishermen are located in. People here are very friendly and about how to get from Budapest Airport to the city center will tell you any passerby.


There are many gorgeous shopping centers, wide avenues. The famous parliament building, which is built in a neo-Hoths. Incredibly looks like a British house of parliament. But only without the world world-famous beig. A charming pest view opens from the fortress hill. And he, in turn, is located in Bud. The Champs Elysees of Budapest – this is the name of Andrash Avenue.


During the war with fascist Germany, many buildings in Budapest were destroyed. And in general, wars and revolutions caused great damage to the city. Hungarians – passionar, unbending nation. They rebuilt an infinite number of times the destroyed Budapest and today it is a delightful European city.

But there is still information. It is known that during the Great Patriotic War, in February of the 45th, when the command of Budapest, the command of the Soviet Army was given an order to aviation-not to bomb. It was done in order to preserve and not damage the architecture of Budapest as much as possible. The city was liberated on February 13 of the 45th. Losses of the Soviet Army without covering from the air were innumerable.

Modern city

Today, a whole complex of ancient buildings in Budapest is the world cultural heritage of UNESCO. Among the famous Budapest museums are two – the best. This is the Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of Hungary.

Tourists undoubtedly visit the Aquincum Museum. Actually, these are the remains of the ancient settlement of the Romans Aquinka. It is highly recommended to use sea cruises. Popular and, of course, incredibly useful to tourists and patients thermal baths of Budapest. The most popular among them are thermal barrs.

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