Stylish autumn bags 2015

A handbag in ladies’ handles is not just an accessory – it is a multifunctional masterpiece of art, which helps not only store all vital objects, but also gives any image of completeness and inimitable lightness. 2015 gave autumn non -standard and true color thanks to interesting design ideas and an unusual combination of materials. The season will give a great many different variations of bags with the ability to fit not only the length of the handle, but also its decorative design.

Short pen – appropriate trump card in female hands

Handbags with a neat short handle are recognized favorites of this year, because such an accessory is not only conveniently placed in fragile female handles, but also emphasize the internal line of the entire image. Flirty fur bags are ideally combined with tubular short handles, and the ethno-style is complemented by wicker or knitted. The playful small bags of real velvet and a distinct pattern of expensive stones are not very popular.

Chain handle-stylish accent of autumn

On cold days, every woman tries to warm up as much as possible and at the same time amazing others with style and conciseness. The chain handle will become the perfect partner in this mission, because it is perfect for matte leather handbags and suede elements on outerwear. This autumn of this year enters the muffled shades of metal: languid copper, darkened silver and noble painted surfaces.

Vintage – the second face of the classics

Handbags from the distant 30-40s passed check not only by time, but also by a rich pace of women of different eras. Their black ancestors are now raging in color, inimitable naturalness of materials and the convenience of size. Aristocratic shades of warm beige, fantastically delicate Marsal and juicy cherries are complemented by the color of real chocolate and turquoise.

The absence of a strap is a harmonious accent of the whole image

Stylish handbag is no longer obliged to endure the shackles of a strap or handle – a comfortable ring or a loop on the wrist will help to add to it inimitable lightness and confidence. Small handbags can be not only from natural materials, but also combine embroidery or fur inserts. You can look at this kind of bag in bulk in Optovara.

Colorful reptile – high -quality distinguishing sign

The color of reptiles is experiencing its next peak of popularity: distinct lines, inimitable natural shades and beyond the soft lining allows you to open a stylish accessory from a new side. The masters decided to supplement the such playful design with dense comfortable handles, straps of the same material, as well as stylish bows.