Traveling with children: what you need and tips

In the summer, many people go on a car trip with their children to the sea. At what age is it best to take a child on such trips?

In Russia, doctors set the lower limit at two to three years. But colleagues from other countries are more relaxed about traveling with children: they allow travel starting from the first months of life. If the child does not have any pathologies or health problems, then pediatricians see no reason not to go.

The safety of the child comes first. Traveling with several children of different ages is also possible, provided that you can provide everyone with comfort on the road. Plus, do not forget about possible conflicts that may arise in the back seat: you will not have the opportunity to separate the warring parties into different rooms. In general, prepare yourself psychologically.

It will be more difficult for a child to endure two trips in a row. Therefore, when you arrive at your destination, try to have at least a week of rest before the return trip.