Rules for the choice of clothing for the hero

It was difficult to buy such clothes recently, but today there are shops that offer a wide range of clothes of large sizes. One of them is the Bogatyr online store on the website /Verhnyay-Odezhda.HTML you can buy outer clothes, trousers, t -shirts, shorts, underwear and other clothes from 50 sizes and above.

Not everyone has a standard figure. This applies not only to women, but also for men. Buying clothes for real heroes is very difficult. Many firms produce a standard grid of clothing, so in most cases large clothes are sewn to order.

Clothing should be comfortable and not fetter to move. It is easy to choose home clothes, but with models for publication everything is much more complicated. Each person is individual and difficult to find a person with the correct parameters corresponding to one size.

There are rules that facilitate the choice of clothing and allow you to make it as correct as possible. First of all, this is:

When choosing clothes, you need to take into account the size. For this, measurements are carried out and compared with the dimensional grid of the manufacturer. It is necessary to remove measurements from the chest, hips, waist and in some cases from the neck;

It is better to avoid a free cut, since it is a mistake to believe that he hides the imperfections of the figure. In fact, the situation is aggravated by such a cut, making the figure shapeless. Therefore, it is worth considering all the features of the figure and in accordance with them to choose a style;

It is better to order a business suit from a tailor. It will help to choose the most suitable style and adjust the costume for the features of the figure. In this case, the man will look elegant and respectable;

The trousers should have special wrappers in the belt to adjust the belt, and the style is better to choose a straight line;

A variegated multi -colored clothing can add a visually volume, so it is better to choose plain clothes and decorate it with decorative elements – a tie for men and a belt or beads for women;

Dark vests visually lengthen and slim the silhouette in the configuration with a light shirt;

Sports clothing is most capable of hiding extra centimeters and reducing volume, due to its elasticity;

As outerwear, it is better to opt for fitted coats and sheepskin coats. They do not create excess volume, and the length to the middle of the thigh will stretch the silhouette.

Choosing clothes for the hero is not so simple, but adhering to the above recommendations, it is quite possible to change a person beyond recognition in a positive direction.