Rules for choosing a nanny for a child

In every family with young children there comes a moment when a caring mother needs to be replaced in the afternoon. It is desirable that a person who has taken care of your baby be reliable in every sense of the word. It’s great if it is a native grandmother, but in our time it is a rarely realized dream. You have to invite, as they say, a person from the outside. How not to be mistaken and choose for an important role of a nanny a woman to whom your child will relate to his second mother? How to avoid rudeness and indifference from the side of the employee you hired? You should adhere to certain rules for choosing a nanny.

Rule No. 1. To quickly find a good nanny, you can use the services of "Sarafan Radio". Friends, acquaintances, relatives will definitely tell you where to find real Mary Poppins for their children and at the same time, do not run into Frequen Bok.

There is another option – through agencies that offer nannies in the city of Kyiv. These services, as a rule, are very responsible and seriously suitable for the selection of staff for working with young children and offer customers professionally selected and proven lists.

Rule No. 2. When choosing a nanny, determine for yourself the two main criteria of the future employee: her age and education. Feel free to ask a woman who wants to work for you to work. By age, parents mainly give preferences to experienced nannies, not too trusting young girls. For infants, candidates with medical education are suitable, but for more adult children – with pedagogical.

Rule No. 3. Before making a final decision, you need to invite the alleged employee to a preliminary conversation in a relaxed atmosphere over a cup of tea. During the conversation, asking the interlocutor several questions and having received an answer to them, you need to try to intuitively feel whether this person will have your child. If the apartment is installed in the apartment, it should be warned about this.

Rule No. 4. Try not to leave the nanny alone with the child on the first day of their personal acquaintance. Observe from the side how she is looking for ways to contact him, can she play, how she reacts to whims. Attention should be paid to how the child will behave next to a new person in a few hours of communication – relaxed or intensely.

Rule No. 5. When hiring an employee, determine the trial period for her and continue to carefully monitor the behavior of the child after her departure. Every evening you need to find out from your son or daughter how the day went, what they did with the nanny, what impressions he had from this. The aggression, secrecy, new fears or running bad words that appeared – all this should alert.

The rules given in this article will help parents find a real good assistant for themselves, and it will be easier for the child to join a new period of life for him.