The pluses of silk linen

From time immemorial, bedding made of silk was considered a sign of luxury, good taste, perfect bedding. Such sets are now related to elite products, which are usually purchased for special occasions. The advantages of silk bedding can be evaluated from the first acquaintance with them.

You can fall in love with natural silk in bedding at first sight. A delicate, shimmering shine will invariably cause a desire to touch the smooth surface. The sensations will not only not disappoint, but also cause sincere admiration, pleasure. Soft, enveloping fabric beckons and invites to a comfortable rest. Since the silk CPB in bulk purchases all specialized stores, every consumer has a large selection. A variety of colors, drawings makes it possible to create an atmosphere in the bedroom, which will correspond to the idea of ​​an ideal place for sleeping.

High aesthetic indicators are bright, but not the only dignity of silk bedding. Scientific studies have proved that the composition of the product of mulberry silkworm is identical to human skin. Therefore, such products guarantee full relaxation and restoration of strength. Silk underwear, as if our second skin will remove moisture, give coolness or wrap it with delicate warmth. Its environmental purity guarantees health safety even for people suffering from allergies.

In the creation of silk fabrics intended for bedding, a special triangular weave is used. This gives the material strength, which guarantees the products a long service life. In order to prevent the laundry from worn out, you need to properly care for it. Ideally, such sets should be submitted to dry cleaning. You can cope with it at home, erasing in warm water manually or in a typewriter in delicate mode with high -quality washing powders.