Why men leave?

Sometimes a man disappears suddenly: either this is one night he spent with you, or after 1 month of good relationship. Women do not understand why this is happening, why men leave? Let’s try to figure it out.

The reasons why men leave:

Reason No. 1: A typical story can happen to you, for example, a man is dissatisfied with his life, he has no work from which he enjoys, his wife steps on his moral principles, demanding more earning. A man may not return home once, because he found the work that he was looking for, he can even quit his child, but a new job will help improve the well -being of the family. A man will always want to realize himself, and if a suitable case turns up, he will do everything to achieve this, even abandones you, but he will love in heart.

Reason No. 2: If suddenly a man did not come home, does not answer calls, the first comes to mind – he threw it, and did not even bother to explain the reason. It is easiest for men to quit quietly, without unnecessary explanation. He believes that it is so correct, and therefore not to think about the consequences. But in this case, when it is not for a long time, try calling his family, close friends, in extreme cases – the police department.

Reason No. 3: Sometimes men always say about their crazy ideas, and when he is already sleeping with this thought, it may happen that he will decide to leave one day without even explaining to you, but in his soul, he believes that everything said. He is exempted from any relations connecting him and wants to break free. A man can quit everything, quit his job, move to another city. You do not approve such actions and he knows about it, because you decide to do it quietly to call you one day and say without a feeling of guilt that he was forced to do it. He had to change his life.

Reason No. 4: Men in age feels the burden of living years. The less money he has, the more inconsistency in his personality. He sinks like a ship hit at sea, and does not want to pull his beloved woman. There are cases when a man is offended by his male failure, that his woman has a house, a car, and he has nothing. He wants to take revenge. In other cases, a man can simply go to his mistress, because he chose her. In any case, you will understand whether he disappeared altogether or his friends saw healthy and cheerful.

In more detail about the relationship and behavior of men in a relationship, the female forum will tell you. Here you can find out everything about men: their weak and strengths, about why they lie, what they like in women, as well as about their habits and subtleties of communication.