Help hair after vacation

You have already returned from a long vacation? Or just all free weekend usually spend in the open air? The most obvious disadvantage in the position of the same is the condition of your noticeably damaged hair. The rest – a rested look and tan – "work" exclusively for you. Help of hair after vacation should be fast and most effective as possible.

The most easy and very effective tool is the help of hair hair. Oil can cure not only dry, but also noticeably damaged hair tired of the sun. The main thing is to be as careful as possible with hot oil wrapping if your hair is dyed. Do the procedures listed below at least weekly and efficient assistance to your hair after vacation is guaranteed.

"After -day" help to the hair:

Make your fingers with your fingertips to increase blood circulation and help the overall procedure become more effective.

Take a couple of drops of oil and, continuing to do your head massage, rub the oil into the scalp.

Then rub the oil at the ends of the hair, and then distribute the oil evenly along the entire hair length.

Predly with a heated towel, wrap your head for an hour. You can also leave a towel calmly and for the whole night.

Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo in two or three soap.

That’s all! This easy procedure for helping hair can bring them no less health than any professional care.