Rules for the care of weakened hair

With the onset of spring, the hair becomes more dull and brittle, begin to demand special care. After all, after winter, they simply lack vitamins and vitality. To return to them the previous elasticity and beauty, a comprehensive approach is needed.

The effect of nutrition

The hair condition is very affected by how a person eats. If the menu includes a large number of products containing proteins and nutrients, then the hair will radiate health and delight with its density.

For the growth of healthy hair, sour -milk products and chicken eggs should include.

The vitamin B located in them will make them silky and give them shine. It is also necessary to consume those products that contain silicon. These include: green beans, cucumbers, onions, oatmeal and muesli. This element makes the hair stronger and flexible.

Hair strengthening tips

In order to have strong hair, it is necessary to normalize blood circulation in the body. Physical load and massage will help this. A positive effect on the hair follicles will have a massage of the head. He increases the intake of nutrients to them. Try to direct all massage movements to the occipital part.

It will also help to cope with the problem of hair serum. The method of its use is directly dependent on what it is intended for. For example, if it is for split ends, then it must be applied to the ends of the hair. And if it is to strengthen, then on the scalp. About how it is better to use whey it is better to read on the packaging.

All kinds of masks are also suitable for hair restoration. For example, strengthening the roots will help aloe juice. To do this, you just need to rub it into the scalp.

Mask from such ingredients as: onion juice, burdock oil, honey, a little any shampoo and a pair of yolks will help to expel their hair roots and speed up their growth. To obtain a persistent effect, you must definitely take a course consisting of 20 masks.

It is advisable for residents of large cities to wash their hair every day. Just do not use economical 2-in-1 options. The combination of detergents and air conditioning additives leads to the fact that the action of both becomes much weaker.

Remember that it takes about a month to restore weakened hair. It all depends on the depth of the problem and systematic and careful care.