Pluses haircuts with hot scissors

Hat haircut with hot scissors

Today, haircuts with hot scissors (sometimes it is also called thermal undergrowth) is a very popular procedure. Such a haircut is carried out not only to give the hair the desired shape, but also to improve their appearance.

What is the procedure for haircuts with hot scissors and what is useful?

It is probably no secret to anyone that girls whose hair split strongly, among other things, are often recommended to regularly cut their hair. Indeed, it used to be the only way out of an unpleasant situation – the grimed dry tips were simply cut and for some time the hair really looked more healthy.

Now girls with such a problem are increasingly advised to cut their hair with hot scissors. These scissors, by the way, look like an ordinary hairdresser, only, unlike ordinary scissors, they heat up from the mains. Such scissors have several temperature conditions, and these modes are selected depending on the condition and structure of the client’s hair.

Hot scissors

Our hair is a rod, the walls of which are covered by numerous smallest scales. If these scales are tightly pressed to the rod, then the surface of the hair shines – this means that the hair is healthy. However, styling, coloring, various hair products act on scales in such a way that they simply move away from each other. If you look at the damaged hair under a microscope, then it will resemble a ruff. That is why the hair becomes dull and strongly split.

If the hair is cut with ordinary scissors, then the cut remains open. And this after some time leads to the fact that the scales are split again. If the ends of the hair are cut with hot scissors, then they will retain an impeccable look for a long time. The thing is that under the influence of temperature scales are soldered among themselves. This has a positive effect on the entire length of the hair, because now moisture remains inside the hair for a long time. In addition, various chemicals are now much more difficult to get into the hair. Most girls note a positive effect after the first haircut, but experts recommend going through several sessions every 2-3 months.

Such a haircut is ideal for those who want to grow hair, but they are constantly carved. If you do not want to remove the length of the hair, then they will draw a haircut by twisting the strands in flagella and removing only weightened knocking hairs. Sometimes they do not resort to this method, performing a haircut as usual. You should also know that such a haircut is performed on dry hair.

Pluses haircuts with hot scissors

Is it possible to damage the hair, performing a haircut with hot scissors? This is possible if the master has incorrectly selected the temperature regime, but this can happen extremely rarely. Choose a reliable master who knows your job and give your hair beauty and health!

And you made a haircut with hot scissors? Planning?

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