Preparing for the beach season what you need to know

With the onset of warm days, every woman begins to think about smooth skin and the removal of all extra hairs from the body. Pricing in Kyiv, which have always been quite high, has no end to customers before the summer season. First of all, I would like to note the beauty salon of the chewls, which differs not only in high -quality cosmetics from cheap, but also with services provided like the same epilation.

Some women of course prefer to perform hair removal at home, so it comes out much cheaper. If you have a mood and a few hours of free time, then you can try to perform at home.

Now in almost all cosmetic stores, sets for wax hair removal are sold, it remains only to choose, hot or cold wax.

Hot wax will be better to remove hard and dark hair, cold is more suitable for light and thin hairs.

In order for the hair removal to go well, it is necessary to prepare the skin, the hairs should be not shorter than five to six millimeters, the skin is completely dry.

Wax is applied according to the height of the hair, a special spatula, after which a special strip is immediately applied, which is tightly pressed in a place with wax applied, then this strip is taken behind the edge and with a sharp movement is torn against hair growth. At first, pain may occur, but on the third or fourth strip the pain will subside. With this method, you can epilate your arms, legs, khon bikini, armpits.

Substantishes are also working in this way, only in this case you can do without stripes, the procedure is carried out using a sticky ball of rolled up from sugar. Sugar mass can be purchased or prepared independently. However, independent preparation of sugar mass for hair removal is quite problematic, it is necessary to clearly observe all the proportions and the exact time of cooking.