How to choose a balloon for a gift?

Today, balloons are of various shapes and color design. It is enough to see what types of balls offer to understand that balloons can not only arrange a holiday, but also present it as a gift.

"Air sellers" always find new ways to surprise and please from children to adults with their art. At first glance, an object can instantly create a festive mood, and rapidly developing technologies in this area only diversified the choice.

In order to choose a balloon for a gift, you need to know their main types.

Latex balloons.

This is the name of simple balls that have a variety of color design. You can choose the color intensity according to personal preferences. Latex for balloons is divided into ordinary and metallized, in the latter case, the balls have a pearl shade. Giving a large bouquet of such balls is very romantic.

Latex balls have different forms: oval, round, pear -shaped, elongated. In size, they can be from small balls in the palm of the hand to large from half a meter. There is also figure performance of balls, for example, in the form of bunnies with ears.

Foil balloons.

Make them from foil. Balls can be of various shapes and with any pattern applied. They are very similar to an inflatable toy.


Recently invented in Japan. The balls are made of foil and designed so that the balls filled with helium do not take off, but do not fall to the floor. Weight balance is designed so that the ball returns to its original position. The legs attached below create the impression that the ball is walking on the floor.