How to choose a walker?

It is completely natural that all mothers among other questions are concerned about the development of their babies. An important stage in it is the ability to move independently. And in this, such a device as walkers will certainly help you.

What should be the walkers?

First of all, the walkers are stable so that the child does not turn over with them, for which it is necessary to have a wide foundation. The shape is better to choose a rectangular and with a smaller number of wheels. On a rectangular "countertop" there may be light bulbs, buttons, squeaks, rattles, etc.P. In some models, a vertical stick is attached to it, on which there are either toys already, or they can be hung. The height should be adjusted to the height of the child. He should not squeeze his legs or barely touch the floor with his fingers.

There are two types of walkers – for those who still do not know how to walk for those who are already trying, but have not yet learned.

Most mothers begin to use this device when their baby is eight months old, although manufacturers recommend from six.

Indeed, the following positive points are observed when using stilts:

– The child is busy with himself, which means that parents have the opportunity to free their hands;

– Standing, the baby can see more, get new information, which stimulates the development of intelligence;

– In the walkers, the child can perform many different movements (but still less than when crawling);

– The baby has many new capabilities that delight his capabilities;

-Positive and active activity has a positive effect on the child.

How to use walkers safely:

– No need to abuse the use of walkers, so that the child nevertheless knows how to move. Once a day for forty minutes – quite enough and at the same time safe.

– With prolonged walking in such a device, bones may not get stronger. In addition, it is recommended to massage the legs after the strokes of the child.

– Walks can get stuck, which will upset the child.

There is such a "assistant" from 1100 and to about 4500-6000 rubles (from 300 to 1250-170 UAH).

What is the difference between budget models of walkers and more expensive?

Choose a walker

In the first case, the product can be equipped with a music console, a gaming panel, a rubber bumper, Bibicar toys in front. There are also models transforming into a rocking chair. Inexpensive models are represented by Capella, Tom & Mary, Bimbo.

Elite models differ in the presence of a more multifunctional panel, more adjustment, a lightweight frame and a large number of decorative details. Some can turn into a swing or jumping. Manufacturers of this price sector – Brevi, Chiko, Toys, Bebe Konfort.

The Golden mean at cost is Sky Walker, Jetem, Happy Baby, Olmitos.

As you can see, the range is quite wide, but… Good choice and joy from your first joint steps…