Rules for choosing shoes for running

The quality of various physical exercises and convenience during training directly depend on the correct choice of ammunition for sports. First of all, this applies to shoes. Adhere to the rules for choosing specialized clothing and shoes for sports are not only professional athletes, but also beginners.

What to pay attention to when choosing shoes for running?

As for any sports exercise, for running it is worth choosing shoes in specialized stores, for example, here, where the largest selection of models for classes on the street and in the hall. Having decided on the purchase site, choosing the optimal pair for running, pay attention to the following points:

Sole. It should not just be comfortable and bend perfectly, repeating the bends of the foot during running, but should be anatomically correct. In some models, inserts are provided inside – such shoes are orthopedic. But from an ordinary sports pair you can make orthopedic, using individually selected or made to order insoles.

Twist. Since running is a potentially traumatic sport and, first of all, this applies to the likelihood of sprains or injuries of feet, it is very important that sports shoes have a hard handmade. It will keep the feet while running in the correct condition and will prevent sprains. In addition, such correct special bloodsters will not allow the leg to turn up, even if you run along an uneven road.

Perforation. Real sports shoes are made from materials that allow the legs to "breathe". If you plan to run in the winter in the hall or in the summer on the street, then it will not be superfluous to perforation at the top of shoes. It will allow you to additionally and quickly remove moisture and, thus, the legs will not sweat. And this is one of the most important points for any athlete.

Lacing. The presence of a large number of holes for lacing is welcome. The denser the shoes fit to the leg, the more the feet are protected from possible injuries. The holes themselves for lacing should be at the top of the shoes. Avoid sewn loops, as they are not reliable and can come off during the run. The most optimal option is through openings for laces.

The remaining parameters, such as color, brand, decor availability, etc.D. You can choose at your discretion, based on your taste and current fashion trends.