How to choose a wrinkle cream?

The least women would like to advertise their own age. Therefore, treacherous wrinkles are so upset, cause a desire to remove them, return attractiveness and youth. To prevent their premature appearance, to destroy the already emerging wrinkles helps high -quality care, which also uses a special cream. We see a lot of such products on the shop windows, in promising advertising on TV. But when choosing a tool, it is worth not guided not by promises of manufacturers, but with information about what the cosmetics of such a purpose should be.

The appearance of wrinkles is associated with age -related changes in the structure of the skin, a negative effect of the external environment. The wrinkles cream should slow down the aging process, put the missing trace elements in the fabric and create reliable protection.

Free radicals accumulate in the skin with age, which are the main provocateurs of wilting. An active fighter with them is vitamin A. Such a component must be present in cosmetics intended for care from the age of 30 years. There are other natural antioxidants: grape and apricot bones extract, caffeine, essential oils.

The loss of elasticity and elasticity is associated with a slowdown in the production of elastin and collagen. Activate this important process, accelerate the synthesis of these fibers help fruit acids.

Additionally, they return the skin a pleasant shade, make pigment spots less noticeable. Cream with such ingredients is especially necessary for those who have to spend a lot of time under the sun smoking women.

To protect the skin from negative effects of contaminated air, UV rays, to strengthen its immunity help vitamins E and C, selenium.

In maintaining the health of the dermis, ensuring high -quality passage of all important processes, minerals are needed. They should act in sufficient quantities not only with food, but also from the cream that is used in the care. Natural cosmetics are particularly effective and safety. It includes products created on the basis of the gifts of the Dead Sea, whose waters are famous for their anti -aging properties.

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