We emphasize the tan with makeup clothing jewelry and manicure

The vacation ended and a miracle happened: you tanned! Squealine, dark -skinned, with a natural summer tan and joyful freckles. The hair was tastily burned out on the summer sun, the teeth seem whiter, and the eyes are even more expressive. The best option for emphasizing the tan can be only the stone of the blue topaz, which will favorably shade all the darkness of your skin and emphasize all your advantages. Blue Topaz is suitable for girls of almost any type of appearance.  It’s not so difficult to buy topaz today, especially since the price for it has become more affordable.

And the natural D-vitamin is able to emphasize the blue eyes, the depths of the brown, touching the ends of the cilia, jewelly bleach the nails without manicure, color light hair locks. How great is the temptation to throw a cosmetic bag to hell and stay a little mischievous in its natural beauty! But with a summer tan, the image of a woman is changing.

As you know, there is a fact of mental dependence on ultraviolet rays. Most often, adolescents of 13-16 years living in countries where there are very few sun are predisposed to tanoresis. Endless fashion for tanning, we are grateful Coco Chanel. Her covenants to this day is stronger than non -eomatic recommendations of doctors.

The skin tanned under the sun was previously considered an obligatory attribute of a simple “rustic” beauty, and today it attracts, beckons and excites the stronger floor. And therefore, the risk of early aging is thought somehow not willingly. Therefore, try to join the full tanned until he washed away simultaneously with premium memories, emphasizing his color.

We emphasize the tan with makeup

When eye makeup, use delicate dim tones: tea rose color, apricot, golden. Pink color, bright light green, lemon shades, and sometimes a combination of sparkling turquoise and blue, will also look great. For very dark skin, it is worth using bronze and sandy shades.

The tush of mascaras for eyelashes does not play an important role, but in the summer it is worth experimenting with various shades, emphasizing the tan of brown or blue mascara.

Blush must be chosen by dark beige, coral, apricot tones.

And to emphasize the tan, powder should give preference to bronzers for the face and body, or terracotta or brown tone.

But the eye pencil must be used gray, dark brown or bronze.

No less successfully emphasizes tan and lipstick or lip gloss. Pale pink, beige or mother-of-pearl shades are suitable.

We emphasize with clothing

In the summer it is usually customary to dress in very bright or bright colors, because such clothes favorably emphasize tanned skin. But you should not overdo it with white, as the emphasis will be placed on a snow -white dress, and not a wonderful tanning.

The shade of ghee or ivory is ideal. To give preference to everything tender: heavenly, pale pink, pistachio, golden, beige, since these shades stunchly emphasize tanned skin! You need to avoid dark gray and black tones.

We emphasize the tan with jewelry

Everything that shines, and the pendant on the neck, earrings in the ears, the bracelet on the wrist, and the chain on the ankle, as well as the tanned skin itself can shine. If possible, from precious pebbles it is worth dwelling at topazes, diamonds, emeralds, and all turquoise, light water, fuchsia or silver are suitable from jewelry and accessories.

Also, tanning on the skin can also emphasize all kinds of lotions after tanning, flies that give flicker, or oil oil. The main thing is not to overdo it with brilliance and jewelry.

We emphasize the tan with hair color

Oddly enough, but the hair is also able to emphasize the tan! If the skin is very dark, then black hair or dark chocolate colors are ideal.

The color of milk chocolate, mocha, dark nuts, as well as highlighting are capable of emphasizing any shade of tanning.

Red -haired hair can emphasize a moderate, medium tan, just like hair color, or hair that has a slight easy burnout in the sun. In general, the main thing in this matter, as you know, is not to overdo it and not go far from naturalness.

Blondes and owners of light shades of hair are suitable for golden, light tan, maximum – average. No need to become a completely black mulatto, because the coordination of black and white in this case is not entirely appropriate. Therefore, do not forget that everything should be in moderation :))))

We emphasize the tan with manicure and pedicure

To complete the image of a sultry beauty, only the presence of a pedicure and manicure remains. Nail polish should be selected bright pink or bright yellow. The same rule acts here as with jewelry, so you do not need to get carried away with dark colors and give preference to all colors of the rainbow.