The rules for leaving teeth

The key to a beautiful and snow -white smile is healthy and well -groomed teeth.

Practice has shown that daily observance of teeth hygiene and gum prevents caries and the need to seek professional help decreases. The care of the oral cavity is a whole set of measures, which includes the following actions:

• Brill teeth in the morning and evening.

• cleansing the oral cavity after each meal by stripping, chewing rubber that does not contain sugar.

• Using a dental thread, care for the interdentinal (interdental) intervals.

The condition of the teeth and in the prevention of caries is of great importance rich in fluorine, calcium and vitamins of group D rational nutrition. Thanks to calcium, the tooth structure is strengthened, and phosphorus and vitamin D play an indispensable role for its absorption. In your diet, sour-milk products (kefir, cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt and others) should be included in your diet. The following products also have a favorable effect:

• legumes, especially beans and peas;

• garlic;

• chicken eggs,

• almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts;

• liver liver and pork;

• mustard grains;

• seafood.

On tooth enamel, the temperature changes (too hot or cold food) have poor effects, as a result of which microcracks form on it.

When buying a toothpaste, it is advisable to give preference to those that have fluorine in their content. Also, this important element can be part of various vitamin complexes, chewing gum. However, it should be remembered that an excess of fluorine in the body also has a harmful effect.

Systematic dental consultation is the most important factor for maintaining a good condition of teeth and gums.

For many years, highly qualified specialists of the Artis /Content /Ortodontiya dental clinic give their patients a healthy and pearl smile. All services are carried out at a high level using high -quality materials from world leading manufacturers. The clinic is equipped with innovative equipment and all conditions have been created for the convenience of patients. The clinic is distinguished by its friendly and professional staff, high -class service and democratic prices.

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