Little care rules

The beauty of a woman is not only in a slender, fit body and a well -groomed face, but also in healthy, strong hair without stripping tips. Not every lady boasts beautiful curls, especially if they are lightened, or painted in blond, for example, using Loreal-Paris/UK/Products/Recital-Preference paint. Nowadays to be a blonde is a very responsible task. If, 20-30 years ago, absolutely every woman who dyed her hair was ready to have a “washcloth” on her head, today this number will not pass. Modern cosmetology constantly finds effective hair care products of any type, and blond, including. Now every, self -respecting lady, will not allow herself a hairstyle with burnt strands.

So, what should be care of the brightened hair? First of all, it is necessary to wash your hair with shampoo specially designed for the blond. This is especially important in the first weeks after staining. You can not ignore the balsam-stainer from the same series. Since the shampoo only rinses dirt, and the balm takes care of the hair, preserving their structure, moisturizing and contributes to easy combing.

If a girl is a supporter of daily styling, then you should definitely protect her hair with special serums and oils on a natural basis. When laying a hairdryer, do not use hot air, since bleached hair is very brittle and sensitive. It is enough for it to be cool, or slightly warm. For shine and uniform color, masks that should be done at least once a week. They are sold in any pharmacy or supermarket. If a girl can afford better care, then beauty salons will provide various procedures to maintain hair strength and color. No need to ignore folk remedies in home care. For example, various decoctions of herbs (chamomile, nettles, birch), or masks of egg yolk and bread crust, burdock oil and many others will help prevent brittleness and loss.

It is worth mentioning that lightened hair suffers greatly from direct sunlight and frost. In this case, special protective sprays are extremely necessary.

If when stained it turned out to be an unpleasant yellow tint, then tinting shampoos for lightened hair will cope with this problem perfectly. Fortunately, almost every cosmetic line offers them.

In a word, if a woman decided to become a blonde, she must understand all responsibility for her hairstyle. You just need to introduce hair care into a habit, like playing sports, for example, or as ordinary daily hygiene procedures.