Teeth whitening methods

Teeth whitening methods

There are many different methods of bleaching tooths, so everyone will find exactly the method that suits his teeth.

Bleeping tooths:

Homemade whitening: small lighting of enamel (for three to five shades). Carried out at home by the patient himself. A solution for bleaching with 10-15% concentration of carbamide peroxide is entered into special caps, which are placed on the patient’s teeth at night. Home bleaching time from three to four days to two weeks. Whitening control is carried out by a dentist. At the end of the course for three to four days, the caps with fluorine gel are dressed for two hours a day to eliminate the sensitivity of the teeth. The cost of the procedure is from $ 50.

Office whitening: (highly concentrated chemical whitening) is carried out in the dental office. A special gel is applied to the gums (gum protection to prevent burns). 37% of hydrogen peroxide gel for 15 – 20 minutes is applied to the teeth. The gel is washed off, the result is checked. In case of non -compliance, the procedure is repeated to achieve the desired result. After completing the teeth, a neutralizing gel is applied for several minutes. The duration of whitening is one to two hours. The cost of the procedure is from $ 70. The result of home and office bleaching is observed from six months to two years.

White teeth

Photo winding: teeth are covered with an invinc gel, from which oxygen is released under the influence of light, sharply and for several years without impaired sensitivity, the enamel of the teeth is whitened (10-13 shades). Thanks to calcium phosphate, which is part of the bleach gel, the enamel of the teeth is only strengthened. Gum protection does not need. The duration of bleaching is one hour. The cost of the procedure from $ 100. If you made your choice, weighed “all the pros and cons, contact the specialists, your smile will be impeccable!