Medical equipment

A wide range of medical equipment, prescribed for supplying patients and medical staff, medical and diagnostic procedures, goes to medical equipment. In Russia, medical equipment is subjected to mandatory registration and certification.

Therapeutic technique has infusion pumps, equipment with ultrasound therapy.

Medical equipment with the presence of the monitor provides medical staff, visual tracking, covering ECG, EEG, blood pressure and other types of blood state.

Diagnostic medical equipment-these are systems of obtaining a picture on the apparatus "Uzi", "JAMR", computer-emission tomographs and X-ray apparatus. Visit the Medbuy medical equipment portal to buy everything you need.

Surgical equipment are fomber for operations, lamps, medapirator. In medical equipment, technical support for the call of health workers, which transfers calls from the location of patients directly sick, to the post of medical staff with textual accompaniment, visual and acoustic identification of calls and images of notifying signals.